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Halcyon Days

Halcyon Days Outdoor Concert
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The Law of Attraction basically states, “Our thoughts create what we attract.”

Anybody can think of organizing a social meetup of, say, 10 members. Likewise, anybody can think of organizing an Über-Meetup of 100,000 attendees. What’s the difference between the two besides the participant count? The former is still thinking about it while the latter is doing something. Hence this blog for Halcyon Days.

It was only a few short days ago, while twirping with JayLink_ on Twitter, when I had a “What if?” moment.

Now, keep in mind, the official Halcyon Days’ profile on Twitter didn’t have any followers. The reason being is that HalcyonDays360 wasn’t created yet. In fact, my what if moment was to call it Twitter Days. But, upon further consideration, I came to the realization that the name Twitter Days was rather lame, coupled with the fact that one can not create a Twitter account with the word Twitter incorporated within their username.

I spent the following day googling and reading. Reading and googling. Googling and… (you detect the pattern), until I identified a word that would personify and poetically embody the festival I envisioned. The word is Hemidemisemiquaver. No it’s not! (Note to self: Save the humor for the blog posts). The word is, as if I have to type it, halcyon.

Then I stumbled upon a new obstacle. HalcyonDays was already adopted on Twitter as well as Halcyon_Days. The hunt began anew. But I didn’t have to hunt long for at that moment I gained a new follower at Twroposition. I clicked his Twitter profile, not to see if I will follow him, for I follow everybody, even the Amish, but to see where he is from, read his tweets, etc., so that I could give him a personal warm Bruno thank you for following me. His Twitter username is TheORing_360. Guess which part of his username I borrowed for HalcyonDays360. We all are pretty sure that he borrowed the tag 360 from some other source. The Twitter username HalcyonDays360 was now perfected and, moreover, available. The preceding event materialized exactly the way I summarized.

I meant to save the above account for a blog post. I guess now I’ll just have to blog Halcyon Days’ home page. Why be methodical?

There you have it. From a “What if?” moment to a Law of Attraction epiphany. I envision 100,000 participants at Halcyon Days. 100,000 is minuscule compared to the next event I have in stored. With that one, I’m aiming for 100,001. Oh, My!

In closing, I’ll leave you with the following: Embrace your “What if?” moments; Follow The Law of Attraction; Don’t fear composing your blog’s home page unlike the way they claim it should be done.

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